Today’s World Of Depression. Loved By Many. Hated By Yourself.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Table Rock, Idaho

Today’s World Of Depression. Loved By Many. Hated By Yourself.

Have you ever felt so alone? Have you ever felt you weren’t meant for this world? Have you ever believed that there must be more to life. Have you ever pondered that maybe you were unlike anyone else?

This was me in high school (11 years ago). There was zero reason for me to be depressed. I had incredible athletic ability. I had two loving parents and a brother. I made excellent grades in school. I was in a great relationship with my first true love. Yet I was depressed for reasons unbeknownst to me.

I still remember coming home from school one day, sitting down to take out my homework and had this weird emotional sensation come over me. It was a feeling I never experienced. I thought of a world were I ceased to exist. This really scared me and I remember even shedding tears. Because deep down, I loved my life, but something was chemically off.

The sad fact is, major depressive disorders is treated with excessive anti-depressant use . The drugs big pharma are putting out are designed to increase the serotonin to the brain and body. What blows my mind is that only 10% of serotonin is created in our brains. That means these same drugs are targeted for brain receptors.

The crazy thing is..the rest of our body’s serotonin is created in our GUT!! This means that for many people, the key to better mental health could very well lie in the way they choose to diet and the foods they eat!

Wow… how novel right? It’s not like Hippocrates hasn’t been preaching gut health since 400 B.C. I’m sure you have heard the famous quote, “All disease begins in the gut.” Well the simple truth is… He was and is correct. Many autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses and deficiencies have been strongly linked to poor gut health. It makes you think.. doesn’t it?

People long thought that people with depression were weak and pathetic humans who wanted people to feel sorry for them. And to be honest, yes there are some people who play the sympathy card. However, science and researchers are showing that there are legitimate chemical deficiencies that are leading people into major bouts of depression and suicide.

We see this everyday not only in our personal lives, but also in the super wealthy and famous.

Robin Williams was one of the most loved actors to ever live. He brought joy and laughter to millions. He was extremely talented in multiple facets of his life. He had this uncanny ability to walk into dark lit area and light up an entire audience. Had all the money in the world to make any life he desired. Yet, there was something missing that was still unfulfilled. Whether there was a chemical or emotional deficit, the reality is that people today are going through battles that we could never comprehend.

What may be interesting but also obvious is the way we live is one of the major contribution to the increasing rates of depression. Many people in today’s world live alone. Heck, I even live alone right now in a two bedroom town home in Gillette, Wyoming! As if I wasn’t alone already, I live in the least populated state in the United States! As of 2017 there is only 580,000 people in the state of Wyoming. Meanwhile there are 1.06 million people living in Rhode Island!

My point is, we used to live together as tribes. We used to share stories together around a bonfire. To hunt and scour the Earth for survival together. To experience hardships and tribulations as a family. You see, humans were never meant to live in isolation. We are emotional, sensational, tactile and vulnerable creatures.

We already know how powerful the human psyche is. When things don’t go our way, we engage in uncharacteristic behavior. When we get dumped, fired, hurt by loved ones, lose a big game or find ourselves in an emotional rut, we look to find sins in order to make us happy. Things like ice cream, sweets, alcohol, drugs and even lewd or lascivious acts.

Being isolated more than ever without someone to hold us accountable, we are able to participate in many more treacherous activities that harm us greatly. Without the mentorship of our tribes, we are left to our own devices.

With the increase of technology and social media there are many more distractions. People have an overwhelming amount of life choices to make. Do I go to college? Do I start my own business? Do I follow in my parents footsteps? Do I run away? Do I become a social media guru? Do I become a professional athlete? Do I become a performer?

Not that having choices is bad. It is just more to think about. It puts more pressure on the younger generation of today. Now kids are scared they wont be loved or admired if they don’t “make it big” or “make bank.”

Although we are more connected than ever before, we are more disconnected from our parents, friends and family. Everyone wants to be Insta-Famous and the next big star. Instead of having face to face conversation with people at dinner, we are checking to see who texted us, who called us, how many people liked our food post on instagram, how many people liked our selfie showing how adventurous we are because we are out in nature or how about the one showing off how cute my dog is even though nobody cares.

When it comes down to it, humans CRAVE attention. We NEED acceptance even if we deny it to our graves. We REQUIRE praise and applause. I do not care who you are, Humans thirst for some sort of acceptance and approval. No human can deny compliments without feeling good inside.

Having a sense of belonging is absolutely vital to living a long, fruitful, happy and healthy life. The Human emotion is stronger than any single organ and organ system in your body.

There is a reason why the elderly pass away shortly after their significant other passes away. It is because they died of a broken heart. Literally.

The longest living people on Earth live in areas called Blue Zones. They all have their secrets to living long. Things ranging from healthy eating, walking often and keeping busy. However, the number one thing that stands out among all the Blue Zone cultures is COMMUNITY. Every single Blue Zone community reports that they have a support group they are in constant communication with. Whether thats their family, their friends or a local group.

You see, Humans NEED Humans.

Humans DO NOT need technology for mental health.

Humans DO NOT need money for mental health.

Humans DO NOT need fame for mental health.

Humans DO NOT need the latest gadget for mental health.

Humans DO NOT need to figure life out on their own.

What Humans NEED is love of community, guidance of community, belonging of community and most importantly, the willingness to find community.

Don’t suffer alone. Don’t fight alone. Don’t die alone.

There are 6 BILLION Humans on this planet. Surely 1 of those will love you the way you were meant to be loved.

There is always someone you can talk to. ALWAYS. Don’t allow the ones you love to suffer from your own selfish inner turmoil.

If you are on the verge of self-destruction, just know there are others out there just like you and I that have been through this and came out on top.

Life is beautiful. Leave this world as beautiful as the day you were born.

Yours in health and life,

-T.J. Woodham Instagram: @theunleashedhuman Facebook: The Unleashed Human

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