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Everyone person on Earth has the ability to be healthy, strong, powerful, attractive and happy.

The Unleashed Human - Dr. TJ Woodham

I've spent 15 years experimenting with every dietary and exercise fads you can name. After many trials and tribulations to perfect human health, one thing always rings true: Consistency, Nutrition and Movement always win.

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Back in April of this year I met with a nutritionist (TJ Woodham) to treat my health issues with food instead of medication, and get a handle on that 15 pounds. Since then, I have lost 20 pounds. The scale doesn’t necessarily matter to me.

What matters is my energy is back. My headaches are almost completely gone. My attitude is better. I am a more present parent, and a much kinder wife.

I feel like I am out of my slump and that is a reason to be proud!!

Kelci Luken


Dr. Woodham has guided me to the right foods to eat and the steered me away from the detrimental ones. As a result, my skin and face is looking the best it has in years, since the start of my teen years. I can now say confidently that I’m living a healthier lifestyle after utilizing the information Dr. Woodham has provided me and I feel more comfortable in social situations without the constantly focus on my face. Without a doubt, I highly recommend seeking him out if you are struggling with any of the problems similar to mine. He is an excellent healthcare professional.

Vince DeTerlizzi

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